Welcome to Clik-Lok Australia...
Clik-Lok Australia have five products that eliminate the risk of needle-stick injury. The products do not compete, but compliment each other by serving different purposes and catering for world-wide variances in legislation and standard practices. More info... Our Showreel is now online. This short video willl show you exactly how easy it is to operate our Retractable and Auto-Retractable range of Safety Syringes. View Video... We see ourselves positioned in the world market with a reputation as a leader in the production of best quality cost-effective products. Clik-Lok Australia includes Partnerships with some of the world's leading pharmaceutical manufacturers who are located in various countries. More info... The Clik-Lok Australia product range has many features that will benefit users in a variety of ways. To view a list of the Features and Benefits of our Retractable and Auto-Retractable Syringes Click Here...

Welcome to Clik-Lok Australia...

Clik-Lok Australia Pty. Ltd. is a commercial project created to produce pharmaceutical products that are in greatly increasing, world-wide demand. Clik-Lok Australia's range of retractable & auto-retractable syringes are deemed to be unique, cost effective & simple to use. Our Safety Syringes cover a wide spectrum of safety medical syringes in use and they do not compete, but complement each other. Clik-Lok Australia aims to eliminate unnecessary suffering and death from disease by providing this range of world class quality, cost-effective products.

Retractable and Auto-Retractable Syringes

Clik-Lok Australia offers an affordable range of high quality Retractable and Auto-Retractable Syringes.

Needle-Stick Injury

There are an estimated 800,000 accidental needle-stick related injuries each year in the United States. A typical contaminated syringe can contain more than 20 viruses. Risk of exposure to blood-borne diseases such as HIV, Hepatitis, Syphilis, Malaria, TB, Herpes and many others, which can be passed on through needle-sticks. It is estimated that up to $1 Billion is spent in the US annually in the testing and treatment of accidental needle-stick injuries.

For an estimated annual cost of less than one percent of the total $15 Billion HIV/AIDS package recently approved by US Government, the entire continent of Africa could be supplied with safe injection devices. Doing so would effectively eliminate this entire category of disease spreading. According to another WHO report... 'There is a solution to the problem of re-used syringes, however, and that is auto-disable injection devices. These have locking features that physically prevent re-use...' Source WHO 2000 Papers and Reports - Extracts.

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