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Clik-Lok Australia currently have five products on offer that eliminate the risk of needle-stick injury. The products do not compete, but compliment each other by serving different purposes and catering for world-wide variances in legislation and standard practices.

Product Overview...

The Clik-Lok Australia range of products are manufactured in our new high-technology manufacturing facility. The plant has been specifically designed for the production of medical devices in a 'clean room' environment that complies with world health regulation requirements. Clik-Lok Australia has many benefits, some of which are...

Provides protection from both accidental needle- sticks and re-use.
Clik-Lok Australia products are easy to use.
Price advantage over other safety technologies.
Technology is suitable for pre-filled syringes and extendable to other devices including catheters and butterflies.
Device contains no natural rubber latex.

Clik-Lok Australia safety syringes will initially be offered in three commonly-used sizes. 1-ml, 3-ml and 5-ml. Other sizes will become available to meet demand at a later date. All sizes will come with a choice of high-grade needles.

Clik-Lok are making a World of Difference...

Clik-Lok Australia has developed our safety retractable syringes with the view to eliminating the possibility of blood splash.


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